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Sovernet delivers the products you need while our dedicated staff puts them to work for your business. Contact us - we're here to answer any questions you may have!

We offer custom telecommunication solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your growing business. Our broad suite of products includes voice, data and Internet services as well as a wide range of options, including web hosting and collocation.

With Sovernet, you'll work with a team of experienced telecom professionals that will ensure that your solution is customized to fit your unique needs. No matter how small or large the challenge, our team will be there before, during, and after the sale to help you get the answers and solutions you need. Our network is fully monitored 24/7, with traffic carried over our fully redundant core OC48 Sonet Ring. With connections to two Tier 1 providers, and a commitment to the highest levels of redundancy, you can rest assured  that your Sovernet services will be  available when you need them.

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