Data Delivering Education

K-12 Education is one of the primary areas in which Sovernet’s redundant, diversely routed broadband network is having a dramatic impact on the lives and livelihood of Vermonters.

Broadband-enabled technologies are redefining traditional notions of education and leading to the development of a new, learner-centric educational paradigm. Student testing is migrating online and educational tools are transitioning to the Cloud. At the same time, students, staff and visitors alike expect to be connected 24x7 over multiple devices.

Left QuotationsIn all respects the Sovernet network is outperforming all our expectations. Teachers no longer have to wait or have a backup plan if lessons didn’t download as expected.Right Quotations

Matt Martyn
Director of Technology & Professional Learning
Windham Central Supervisory Union

Sovernet supports educational goals in countless ways, including:
  • Improving the effectiveness of instruction through more engaging, interactive activities.
  • Encouraging innovation in how education is delivered.
  • Enabling a wider array of professional development opportunities for educators and learners.
  • Enhancing access to quality education via distance learning programs, online learning modules and other ways.

VT School Union Goes Gig-E

VT School Union Goes Gig-E

The geographically-dispersed K-12 school system in southeastern Vermont has upgraded its data network to one Gig of broadband over fiber.