High-Bandwidth Improving Healthcare

No better example exists of how Sovernet is helping to enhance the lives of Vermonters than in the realm of healthcare.

Healthcare institutions and providers need to deliver quality care on a daily basis. But they are faced with an onslaught of new demands for better, faster treatment at lower prices. Not only does high-speed broadband and its related advantages help cut costs, it can also improve access to world-class healthcare resources despite the challenges of time and distance.

Sovernet’s service partnering with Vermont physicians, clinics, hospitals and healthcare facilities is already serving the state and its residents in untold ways, expanding their access to healthcare services, tools and techniques and, as a result, bettering their health and well-being.

Fletcher Allen Chooses Sovernet for Transport Needs

Health PRFletcher Allen Health Care has chosen Sovernet’s fiber network for its latest data transport needs. Sovernet has built a 300 megabits per second wide area network connection that will be used to securely transport medical images and data to streamline care and reduce duplication of efforts to care for patients. READ MORE