Sovernet Proudly Sponsors New Season of “InnoVaTe” on Vermont PBS

BELLOWS FALLS, VT (November 30, 2016) - Sovernet Communications is proudly sponsoring the second season of InnoVaTe on Vermont PBS. The newly released season continues with a series of six episodes of the original series that profiles innovative Vermonters using technology to connect people, share ideas and solve problems.

InnoVaTe is hosted by Victoria Taylor, known for her past work at helping facilitate more than 2,000 "Ask Me Anything" interviews. Based in New York City but passionate about Vermont and the community here, Victoria’s commitment to sharing the stories of interesting individuals extends not only to InnoVaTe, but also to her work at WeWork as their director of digital community and beyond.

This season, Victoria travels Vermont talking with a diverse array of innovators including John Churchman, whose social media success helped launch his best-selling children’s book about Sweet Pea, a lamb who lives on his Essex, Vermont farm. Also profiled is Vermod, the Vermont company that’s building a better mobile home, inspired by the after-effects of Tropical Storm Irene, which disproportionately affected those living in mobile homes.

“InnoVaTe is a celebration of Vermont’s creativity and interesting ideas,” said Vermont PBS president Holly Groschner. “The show lets us travel the state to see what some smart Vermonters are bringing to our community and the larger economy. Vermont PBS is happy to deliver this series to the web, and to give it its television debut.”

For more information, visit and for exclusive digital content as well as to see the previous season visit

In addition to the support from Sovernet Communications, funding for InnoVaTe was also provided by Merchant’s Bank, Logic Supply, RETN, Vermont Technology Council and UVM’s Office of Technology Commercialization.