Sovernet’s Fiber Network Helps Connect Vermont’s “Last Mile”

Multiple Broadband Providers Leverage Sovernet’s State-of-the-Art Network to Serve Vermonters

BELLOWS FALLS, VT (June 6, 2016) - Sovernet Communications today announced that its state-of-the-art fiber network now supports broadband services for numerous rural Vermonters in the so-called “last mile,” by providing dedicated Internet access and data transport to other service providers. These providers, in turn, are extending further and further into rural Vermont to serve residential and business customers.

In 2010, Sovernet was the sub-recipient of a $33.4 million “middle mile” federal broadband stimulus grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. As a combined result of the proceeds from the federal grant, Sovernet’s own investment of $12 million, and additional funding from the state of Vermont, Sovernet now delivers high-quality voice, data, and Internet services to more than 300 vital community institutions, including public libraries, schools and colleges, healthcare facilities and hospitals, municipal and state government offices, and other service providers throughout Vermont.

“Through partnerships with reputable broadband service providers, Sovernet’s fiber network enables last mile service into some of Vermont, New Hampshire and New York’s most remote areas” said Richard Kendall, President and CEO of Sovernet Communications. “We will continue to seek these strategic partnerships to expand the delivery of affordable, high capacity broadband to as many underserved regions as possible.”

Two examples of these partnerships include an expansion of a long-standing relationship with Duncan Cable TV, based in Wilmington, Vermont, and a new service agreement with South Royalton, Vermont-based EC Fiber.

Cliff Duncan, the president of Duncan Cable TV, said of his company’s partnership with Sovernet, "Our 17-year relationship with Sovernet has been extremely important to our success with our broadband products,” which, he explained, have recently expanded to offer customers fiber-to-the-home options. “Now,” Duncan continued, “with Sovernet's state-wide fiber network and our mutual customers’ ever-growing desire for more cutting-edge products and services, our continued success will undoubtedly rely heavily on our relationship with Sovernet."

"It truly takes a broad community of providers to get it all done,” said Carole D. Monroe, CEO of ValleyNet, the operating organization for ECFiber, which recently announced plans to run fiber-optic cable for broadband services throughout Barnard, Thetford, Strafford, West Windsor, Pomfret and Pittsfield, Vermont. (Sovernet, as it happens, provides transport for ECFiber to reach customers in West Windsor.)

About Sovernet Communications
Founded in Bellows Falls, Vermont, in 1995, Sovernet Communications is Vermont’s first and largest locally operated statewide provider of residential and business data and voice communication services. Over the past 20 years, it has grown from one of the state’s first residential and small business dial-up Internet and DSL providers into an enterprise-oriented service provider with state-of-the-art technology. In addition, Sovernet’s own investments in its network led to serving hundreds of privately owned and operated businesses. Sovernet today is a leading regional provider of high-capacity network transport, broadband Internet, colocation, and Hosted PBX and other voice services in northern New England and New York. It delivers services of up to 100 gigabits-per-second to enterprise, carrier, community institution and government customers throughout the region. For more information please visit and

Terminology Note: The term “last mile” refers to the final leg of a connection between a service provider and the end customer, while “middle mile” describes the network connection between the last mile provider and greater Internet. Sovernet’s fiber network was designed to provide middle mile connectivity for community anchor institutions and to connect other service providers to residents and businesses.