About Sovernet

Bills are mailed monthly, and include:

  • Voice service charges (for the current month);
  • Local and LD telephone usage charges (for the period just past);
  • Data services, if applicable (in advance for the coming month);
  • Plus applicable taxes, surcharges, and regulatory fees.

Charges for installation, prorated fees, and Order Fees for new service(s), are typically billed as onetime charges on the first bill after your order is received. Payment is due within 30 days of the bill’s date, and becomes delinquent after the ‘due date’ indicated. Customers are responsible for all toll charges originating at their phone.

As a Sovernet customer, you have the right to:

  • Receive an explanation of all items on your bill
  • Receive immediate correction of any billing errors
  • An adjustment of your payment-due date, in the event of a medical emergency, in order to avoid disconnection of service. Call us and let us know you have a medical emergency. You will be asked to have your doctor send us a report certifying the condition, within 7 days of your notification to us. The certification may be renewed after 30 days. Once the second 30-day period has elapsed, you must either pay the past due amount in full or enter into a payment agreement. Call us for details.
  • Appeal to the Public Service Board if you are not satisfied with our resolution of your dispute. Your service will not be interrupted during the dispute resolution process provided the undisputed portion of your bill is paid.

Our custom-built solutions, dedicated team, and state-of-the-art network set us apart.

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