About Sovernet

Subscriber Line Charges - Primary Line6.506.50
Subscriber Line Charges - Additional Line6.506.50
Number Portability Charge0.000.00
Touch Tone Charge0.000.00
Universal Service Fund - FederalSubject to change quarterlySubject to change quarterly
Universal Service Fund - VermontSubject to change annuallySubject to change annually
Federal Excise Tax3%3%
VT Sales Tax6%6%
VT City Taxes (Burlington, Manchester, Williston, Stratton, Dover, Middlebury, So. Burlington)1.00%1.00%
NH Communications Tax - Local7%7%
NH Communications Tax - Non-Local7%7%
NH E-911$.64 $.64
Federal Regulatory Charge
(interstate and international long-distance and monthly subscriber line charges - supports the Telephone Relay Service program)

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