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Setting up a conference call:

  • You will need a Web Browser, plus your toll free conference call number, and 2 PIN numbers (Moderator/Participant). The toll free number and PIN numbers are available by calling Sovernet.
  • Use the same Moderator and Participant codes for every call - no need to call in for new ones every time you have a conference call. (The Moderator has the ability to change the Participant PIN when they log into the Conference Bridge, but they cannot change the Moderator PIN.)
  • When ready to use, arrange a time with your Participants and provide them your conference call toll free number and the Participant PIN.
  • The Moderator, just like the Participants, can call in from anywhere. Simply enter the toll free number and the Moderator and the Participant PIN numbers to join the conference call. (Moderator, please note: after you are asked for the moderator code, you will be asked for the client matter number - this is the Participant PIN).
  • The maximum number of attendees including the Moderator is 24.
  • For more control over the call , the Moderator can go online and log in (see link above).
  • Enter both the Participant and Moderator Codes. The Moderator Code is treated as a password and will show up just like you were typing a password (bulleted out).
  • Once you have logged in and entered your Code , you'll have joined the conference. You can click the Current Call button and you will see yourself on the call. As people come on, you will see who has joined, and you can refresh by clicking the Current Call button which will manually refresh anyone who has joined since the last refresh or fix any strange looking participant box’s that may not have caller information.
  • Once someone joins the conference, they will be announced, as they provide their name when they enter. (You will also get an announcement when they leave.) If you prefer not to have these announced you can turn this option off in the settings section.

Adding a participant to your directory:

  • If you know a participant's phone number, you can add them to your Directory.
  • Simply enter the Phone Number and Name and Click the Save Entry button.
  • At any time, you can remove these users by selecting the Del check box, and then Click Delete Selected.


  • You may record parts or all of your conference. When the recording has started or been stopped, all parties are notified.
  • Recordings appear in the Recordings area.
  • You can pick up the file by clicking “download” once the call is completed.
  • You can remove a file by clicking on “delete”.
  • Muting and Dropping Calls:

    • You can Mute a user by clicking the Mute button in the Participants Icon if there is too much background noise, or if you need to exercise the need to Moderate in the event of unforeseen issues. (The participant will hear that he/see has been muted.)
    • You can also Drop the person from the call by clicking the Drop button in the Participants icon. If at any time you need to stop additional people from joining the conference you can click the Lock button. This will prevent additional Participants from joining.

    Additional options:

    • In the options area, you can toggle on and off the Joining Announcements as well as activate on Hold Music. You also have the option of Generating a new Participant Code.
    • In the History area you can see Recent Conferences including the Date, Duration, and Max Attendees (the most Attendees at any point during that Conference Bridge).

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