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A Virtual FTP Directory provides you with space which serves as a transit and storage area for the transfer of files (via “FTP” — File Transfer Protocol) which normally might be too large to be attached to email. The Directory is set up on the virtual webserver, with several distinct sub-directories for different uses. For example: to provide a place to which the public may upload files; to make downloadable files available to customers or the public (price lists, informational materials, photos, etc.).

Should you have any questions regarding this information, or wish to enable a Virtual FTP Directory for your site, please contact Webmaster to get started.

To give you some idea of what the Virtual FTP Directory consists of and how you manage it, please read the following instructions. Those who request FTP space be set up for them, will receive these instructions once the site is ready.

We have set up a virtual FTP site for the domain example.com with the following URL: ftp://ftp.example.com Installation and maintenance of files on the site should be done by using an FTP client (such as WS_FTP for PCs or Fetch for Macs) to connect to ftp.sover.net using your account's primary Sovernet username and password.

The following directories and files have been provided for your use:

  • ftp.example.com/pub/—A General directory for anonymous downloads
  • ftp.example.com/hidden/—A hidden directory. Anonymous users may download from this area only if the file name is known.
  • ftp.example.com/incoming/—The anonymous upload directory. Once a file has been uploaded to this directory, the read/write permissions are set to your account username. Files must be moved from this directory before they will be accessible to anonymous users.
  • ftp.example.com/logs/—The directory where the log file is kept.
  • ftp.example.com/logs/xferlog—The log file. This file is rolled weekly on Sunday.
  • ftp.example.com/welcome—A welcome message for your FTP site. Currently empty, though you may put a brief message of your own here.

Some additional points of interest:

  • The domain name is not case sensitive, but any file names or subdirectories you create will be.
  • A message file in a given directory will be displayed when a user enters that directory.
  • Please note that the incoming FTP directory will take some of the control of your space usage out of your hands. This directory may be removed at your discretion.
  • Similarly, the log file will consume a portion of your allotted space on the web server and may be removed at your discretion. Please note that logging will not occur if the xferlog is deleted.
  • There is a limitation of five simultaneous anonymous FTP connections to a given FTP directory.

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