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A SQL Directory provides you with access to the MySQL database program via an online Control Panel interface. The directory is set up on the virtual webserver, sharing space with your website files and/or a Virtual FTP Directory. The directory is set up with 10MB by default; if the current space in your Virtual Server directory is sufficient, you may want to consider the SQL “no space” option (also see SQL Directory). If you wish to enable SQL access for your site, please contact Webmaster to get started.

In order to process your request, we will need you to provide a SQL username and password. This username and password pair should differ from your primary account username and password, and will be case sensitive. Please note that it is difficult to change this username and password once assigned, so careful consideration should be given to your choice.

Usernames and passwords are limited to 8 characters consisting of letters and/or numbers and must start with a letter.

Sovernet will assign the database name.

Once setup, the db name, plus additional info on accessing the MySQL Control Panel and setting up your database will be sent to you.

Please Note: Sovernet cannot provide support or assistance with the coding or maintenance of your SQL database. Database management is generally considered to be an advanced level of web design so, if you are not familiar with SQL coding, you may wish to retain the services of a consultant or take advantage of the wealth of literature available on the subject.

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