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A domain name is a personalized presence on the internet reflecting your business name. For example, example.com or yourcompanyname.com. Email and web services can be associated with a domain name and these services can be moved from one hosting company to another should your business ever relocate.

Domain Hosting - Primary DNS

Sovernet will give your domain a home on our DNS servers and will be the authoritative source for answers regarding your domain's email web and other services. Primary DNS does not include email or web services.

Sovernet offers the following domain related services for both business and residential home needs, all of which require domain hosting:

Email Services

Default mapping
All email for any address at your domain is delivered to a single Sovernet mailbox. Default mapping is included in the cost of domain hosting and all mail mapped to mailboxes on the Sovernet mail servers is able to use Sovernet's SPAM filters.
Example: All mail sent to any address @example.com is delivered to mailbox @sover.net.

Email mapping
Sovernet will virtually map specific addresses at your domain to distinct mailboxes on Sovernet's email servers. Each individual user on your end can have their own distinct mailbox. Multiple addresses may be mapped to a single mailbox and aliases can be created by mapping a single address at your domain to multiple mailboxes.
Examples: sue @example.com is delivered to user1 @sover.net, sus.p @example.com is delievered to user1 @sover.net, john @example.com is deliver to user2 @sover.net, sales @example.com is delivered to user1 @sover.net and user2 @sover.net.

Back up MX service
If you wish to run your own mail server, Sovernet will point mail to that server and provide backup services should that server ever incur an outage.

Web Services

Virtual Web Address
A website associated with your domain, hosted on our web server.
Example: http: //www.example.com

SQL Database services
Sovernet offers SQL database services on our web server. For full server specs, click here.

Virtual FTP Address
A formal FTP directory structure for the transferring of files. Includes directories for anonymous public upload/download as well as a private directory that can only be accessed with the appropriate username and passwords.
Examples: ftp ://ftp.example.com/, ftp ://ftp.example.com/public, ftp ://ftp.example.com/incoming, ftp ://ftp.example.com/hidden, ftp ://ftp.example.com/private

SSL Services
Secure Socket Layer for secure sites. Sovernet is a reseller of Thawte Secure Certificates and will install your certificate on our server.

Registering a Domain

Sovernet provides domain registration services. Domains registered through Sovernet are hosted on Sovernet's servers by default, saving you steps during the set up process.

You can register a domain through Sovernet at anytime by clicking here.

Billing for domain registration is done at the point of purchase and you own that domain name for the length of the registration period, even if you chose to move it to another host.

Transferring a Domain

Even if you already have a registered a domain name, you can still transfer it to Sovernet. You may chose to transfer hosting only, leaving registration services with the company that you intially registered your domain with, or you may transfer registration services along with hosting. In either case, our Hostmaster will work with you on an individual basis to provide instructions for transfering as well as working out a migration plan that will prevent disruption to key email and web services during the migration. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our custom-built solutions, dedicated team, and state-of-the-art network set us apart.

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