About Sovernet

Site owners who wish to install their own blogging software and host their own blog site(s), have found MovableType open-source software to be among the best. The software is installed on the web server in your www directory.

Please note the following:

  • A registered domain name, a Virtual Web Address (ie: www.example.com) with Hosting and custom CGI scripting are necessary in order to use MovableType. MT use is not supported for Personal Web accounts (ie: www.sover.net/~username).
  • Our ‘webhost’ server, housing the above class of VWA sites, supports MovableType’s requirements
  • MT is installed in in your www directory, i.e: www.example.com.
  • All CGI scripts used by MT must reside in the directory named cgi; do not change the directory permissions.
  • Sovernet will not troubleshoot your CGI scripts. See CGI Programming. Note also: Sovernet cannot provide assistance for the installation of MT, nor will we troubleshoot, or monitor, the installation.
  • MT can be installed by movabletype.org for a nominal fee, or by your web consultant. If you are not comfortable with the install process we suggest you enlist the help of one of these two. Note that this will require that you provide them with your username/password, thus giving them access to your complete account and email. If this is a problem, be sure to change your password as soon as the work is finished, and monitor your account closely. Alternatively, and if work is to be ongoing, consider adding a Web-only sub-account to restrict access to only your webserver files.
  • MySQL is not required for the installation of MT. However, if you wish to install (or have installed by movabletype.org) the MySQL version of MT your account needs to include a SQL Directory. Contact Accounts for information about getting this feature added.
  • The path to the virtual directory includes your username, its first 2 letters, and the name of your virtual directory. The following example is for the username dsl and a virtual directory named www.example.com: /home/d/s/dsl/www.example.com. Changes (in red) should be made to this path to reflect your individual information. See CGI Programming.

FTP specifics for the webhost server are:

  • host name/server name = webhost.sover.net
  • username = your account's primary username
  • password = your account's primary password
  • directory = www.example.com (example.com should be changed to reflect your domain name)

No other Sovernet documentation is necessary for the installation of MovableType.

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