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If you have an alarm

Sovernet recommends that customers who have an alarm system on a phone line call the alarm vendor when changing to Sovernet phone and or ADSL service. Alarm vendors are aware of interference issues between ADSL and alarms. Alarm systems vary in their tolerance to ADSL interference, and also in the amount of interference they cause ADSL. Your alarm vendor may suggest new wiring, special filters or separate lines for ADSL and the alarm.

Dial-Up - Speeds

Sovernet offers local 56K V92 connectivity to all points in Vermont. These connection speeds relate to many variables such as distance from local central office, quality of phone lines in area, and quality of internal wiring in the home. In Vermont it is common to achieve speeds as high as 53.3K but more noticeably the local phone cabling can only hold speeds of 28.8K.


Are there blocked ports on your PHSA (ADSL) service?
Yes, most incoming ports are blocked under 1000. This is done to prohibit the use of the PHSA product to run services such and email and webhosting. We have products designed for running services; contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Can I use my PHSA (ADSL) service for multiple computers?
Yes, you can hook multiple computers to a single PHSA (ADSL) line with the help of a router. Sovernet does not currently offer support for router use but they are usually plug and play for the most part.


Is there a limit to the size of attachment I can send?
Yes, Sovernet email addresses have a send/receive limit of 10MB.

Is there a limit to the amount of email recipients I can send to at one time?
Yes, we allow our users to send to 250 email recipients at one time.

I am getting a ‘relaying-denied’ error when trying to send email. Why is this?
This occurs when you are trying to send email while connected to an ISP other than Sovernet. You will need to use an alternative authentication server in order to send email. In your email settings you should change your outgoing (SMTP) server to: smtpauth.sover.net. You will need to choose the option to use authentication and set the outgoing port to 587. ValleyNet email accounts will use smtpauth.valley.net as opposed to smtpauth.sover.net.

Is there a limit to the amount of email my account can hold?
Yes, the default space limit for Sovernet email boxes is 10MB. You are able to add additional space via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


In order to use Sovernet’s Newsgroups you will need to be connected to Sovernet’s network. You will not be able to use Sovernet’s Newsgroups if you are connected to another ISP.

SPAM-Filter, SPAM folder, white listing

Sovernet’s email service comes associated with SPAM filters. These filters are turned “on” by default. You should regularly check your SPAM folder at: https://corp.sover.net/webmail for email that may have been caught in error by the filter. These addresses can be white listed through the SPAM filter configuration page at http://spam.sover.net.

Virus filtering

Sovernet’s mail servers come, by default, with virus filtering enabled. This filtering will catch most common circulating viruses.

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