About Sovernet

Due to the anti-relay measures we have put in place to prevent junk-emailers (spammers) from relaying mail through our system, it is necessary that some adjustments be made in email software when dialing in to another network (eg: at work through your company's LAN; on the road through AOL, etc) to access Sovernet mail.

  • Sending - Sovernet customers need to have the SMTP host (the outgoing, or "sending," server) in their email program set with the name of the outgoing mail server of the network they are dialed in to, or to smtpauth.sover.net.
  • Receiving - To collect mail from a Sovernet account while dialed in to another network, the incoming mail server (POP host) should reflect Sovernet’s POP server (mail.sover.net) and the Sovernet account name and password.

Our custom-built solutions, dedicated team, and state-of-the-art network set us apart.

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