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WebRyders Accounts

Here are a few important points:

  • Billing: Pricing will be the same. Your due date will be the same as it was at Webryders. You will need to call Sovernet's Accounts department to re-establish credit card billing and to pay by check. At the same time, Sovernet Accounts will establish a Challenge Question with you. Please pay any unpaid balance directly to Webryder prior to September 1.
  • You currently have an email address and a different dialup login. Sovernet needs your login to be the same as your email address (also known as your username).
  • Whenever you login to your dialup connection, Sovernet's Subscriber webpage, Account tools, Spam Controls or the subscribers section, you will need to use yourname@ netryders.com or yourname@ webryders.net
  • We will use your contact email address from WebRyders for future correspondence with you regarding your billing, and any network information that may affect your account.
  • National Roaming (local access numbers throughout the US and Canada is now available to you when you travel.)
  • As of September 1st, 2008, WebRyders spam filters will no longer be available.

Sovernet Spam Filters

Your spam and virus protection will be changing to Sovernet over the next few weeks. If you have no custom settings with your current spam filters, you will simply start going to the Sovernet spam page to check your spam folder on August 19th. If you have custom settings in your current spam filters that you want to save, you should copy those settings and transfer them to Sovernet's spam filters as soon as possible. Your current settings will be available to you until August 30th.

Sovernet Account Tools

Log-in using your username (yourname@ netryders.com or yourname@ webryders.net) and password. View your service and billing details, and change your challenge question. More tools coming soon. Change your password online is coming soon - for now, call tech support for help.

Innevi Accounts

Here are a few important points to remember:

  • Your username has not changed (@innevi.com)
  • Log in as you always have for email, webmail, and your dialup connection. You will need user@ innevi.com to log in to our subscriber website, account tools, and Spam controls.
  • You have National Roaming capability with local access numbers throughout the US and Canada.
  • You’ll now have access to expanded technical support hours from 8am-8pm Monday - Saturday. Customer Care hours are from 8am-5pm Monday - Friday. Please contact us for assistance with any account changes, if you would like to add additional services like DSL or phone services, or any other issues you may be experiencing.
  • Support and Policies

    Sovernet Support will assist you with matters relating to email, setup & use of website space, dialup & roaming, spam & anti-virus filtering controls, webmail use, and any other features or services provided through Sovernet.

    Your use of Sovernet services is governed by Sovernet policies, click here to read them.

Mailing Lists

Regardless of the content of your message, it will be considered spam if it is unsolicited. We will respond to complaints that you have sent spam by requesting assurance that every recipient of your email has specifically requested to receive it. If complaints continue, we will forced to take steps to protect our network from being blacklisted, the result of which causes Sovernet email to be blocked by other ISPs. It is very difficult and time-consuming to have these blocks removed, during which time all our customers suffer the repercussions of a blocked network. Our name as a reputable provider suffers, as well.

We understand that email-lists are a vital part of doing business, and as a business we can sympathize. The conundrum lies in satisfying all our needs when there is no solution that will satisfy all of us. We must protect our network, and we will make every effort to do so, though we also want to mitigate the pain it causes you. To this end we have developed the following “Best Practices” guidelines and clarified our procedures for handling spam-complaints.

Maillist Best Practices

Building Your List

The best email list is one you build & verify, yourself. You then control where your addresses come from and have records to prove that the recipient requested the email. Admittedly, this is a slow way to build your list, but it is the only way you will be able to positively provide proof against allegations of “unsolicited mail.” Subscribed addresses can come via postal mail, in which case you have written verification in-hand. Alternatively, they may come via web forms or email, in which case verification is more involved.

Double Opt-IN is key.

For emailed/web form/signup list subscription requests:

  • You’ve received a request to add an email address to your mailing list (1st Opt-In),
  • You send an email verification query. The verification query must not contain any promotional, sales, or other business-related information. (see below)
  • The query message instructs the recipient to, if it is indeed their wish to receive your mailings, reply to the query as final authorization (2nd Opt-In)
  • Lack of an affirmative response, or receipt of a negative response, means they will not be added

A postal message requesting subscription to your mailings will suffice as verification of the desire to be on your list and would not need to be verified via the above Double Opt-In process.

  1. Adding Addresses:
    • Put subscription request forms on your website, add a return slip or card to all postal mailings, add an email submission address to your email signature line, have a signup sheet at events. In all cases, each opportunity to signup should make it clear what your list is for. On printed materials it’s also a good idea to let them know that providing the email address authorizes you to send email to it. For web forms and email, note that you adhere to a Double-Opt-In email policy before adding recipients to your list.
    • Existing-Relationships - We will consider it acceptable to add to a maillist the address of clients/customers/ members with whom you have established a relationship within the last 3 months, provided:
      • they could reasonably be expected to be aware that they will be receiving e-mail from you
      • the recipient has not requested removal from your list
  2. Third Party Lists - We do not permit or condone: use of purchased lists or lists compiled by any method other than by direct subscription to your list from persons interested in receiving your email. Addresses on such lists are considered to be unconfirmed, mail to them to be unsolicited.
  3. Note: We suggest you not subscribe email addresses from domains allowing anonymous complaints (such as AOL). [See Complaint Handling, below]

The above may not keep you free of complaints, but being able to prove that each recipient requested your email can help resolve those complaints much more quickly.

Using & Maintaining Maillists:

The guidelines below will produce responsible mailings and help keep you in compliance with our AUP. Maillist software will handle most of the tedious chores associated with properly maintaining a list, including generation of verification queries, removal of bounced addresses and requests for removal, maintenance of a suppression list, valid headers, and more.


  • Valid “From,” “Reply To,” “To” headers
  • Valid “Date,” “Message ID” headers
  • Body
  • Reminder of how recipient’s address was acquired
  • Purpose of the list
  • How to unsubscribe, with more than one option* (email/URL/postal)
  • Valid US postal address, phone number for list owner
  • Keep in mind that most anti-spam advice cautions people against using message links that offer to unsubscribe from a list.

    1. Double-Opt-In verification system
    2. Periodic Re-verification Query—To maintain a clean list. Such a list-cleansing is best done by means of a non-promotional mailing consisting only of an appeal to confirm the desire to continue to receive your mailings. Those who do not reply affirmatively are to be removed in a timely fashion.
    3. Removal system—We suggest the following minimums:
      • Every mailing has removal instructions contained within;
      • Removal options must be available via a URL, and/or an email address, and/or postal address/phone;
      • Your website has a clearly offered removal method
      • Removal effected immediately, ideally within 36 hours upon receipt of the request
    4. Suppression list containing removed addresses so that they are not inadvertently re-added
    5. Records—Keep good records of all subscription and removal requests (emails w/full headers, hard-copy printouts w/headers, postal requests).
    6. We permit a maximum of 250 messages to be sent at a time; if your list is larger, you’ll need to break it into smaller groups of 250 or less and configure your software to send in batches.

    Proof of confirmed subscription must be made available on Sovernet’s request.

    Complaint Handling:

    • We will request proof that all subscribers have specifically requested to receive your mail.
    • We will not accept anonymous complaints from our customers, and we will provide you with the complainant’s name, with the understanding that you will not contact the party who complained, but you will immediately remove that party from your mailing list.
    • We must process anonymous complaints from other ISP’s and from SpamCop to protect our network. Since you cannot remove such a complainer from your mailing list, we will ask that you review your list to remove anyone who may have complained and that you send a verification query to clean your list.
    • We may request proof of an existing relationship between the complainant (if known) and list-owner, and some indication that the recipient could reasonably expect to receive the email. Proof of confirmed subscription or removal must be made available on SoVerNet’s request.
    • Even if we receive proof that all subscribers requested the email, and a verification query was sent, we may continue to receive complaints. Under those circumstances, we will ask you to discontinue the mailings. If complaints continue, we will interrupt your email to protect our network from being blacklisted. We will work with you to restore service as soon as your email list is clean.


    There is a huge amount of information on the web and, naturally, most of it conflicts. Listed below are several good starting places, listed not because we recommend them, but because they either have decent reputations or are considered “experts” in the field.

    General Information

    Maillist Software

    The first two listings are commercial software packages (prices vary according to features/options), the third is OpenSource (free). All require a certain level of technical expertise.

    Out-sourced List management

    The list-hosting companies below are long-time veterans of email list management. Note: You remain responsible for compliance with our AUP even though you may arrange for a third-party to host your mailing list and provide mailing services:

E-mail on your computer? E-mail on the go? Configure and setup starts here.

Please note:If you are concerned that you are missing some email messages we recommend that you regularly review the SPAM folder associated with your Sovernet email address via our Webmail access. If you find that a message was filtered out you can add the address or domain to the accept list via our SPAM filter interface.

If you have a concern you do not see listed, please contact technical support.

Sovernet’s International Long Distance offers flat rates in place 24/7. Any account discount in place applies, with the usual exceptions.

Our “Overseas Advantage” International Long Distance plan offers highly discounted per-minute calling rates to a special group of commonly called countries. There is a small monthly service fee, but no setup fee, and no monthly toll minimum. The normal phone features Order Fee applies, so order along with other features to pay just 1 fee for all. Tolls and monthly service fee subject to any applicable Bundle discount (with the usual exceptions). Unless noted, special rates do not include calls to cellular phones.

Our custom-built solutions, dedicated team, and state-of-the-art network set us apart.

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