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Residential Calling Feature Rates

Calling FeatureRatesas Low as...
Account Codes$25.00 per change, Simple $6.40, Complex $6.40
Anonymous Call Block$2.40 per month
Caller-ID (Name & Number)$5.20 per month
Caller-ID on Call Waiting$6.00 per month
Call Forwarding on Busy (*90)$1.20 per month
Call Forwarding on No Answer (*92)$1.20 per month
Call Trace$1.50 per use, $5.00 processing fee
$6.40 per month
Call Return (*69)$2.00 per month, $0.75 per use
$6.00 monthly cap
*69 Block$0.75 per month
Call Waiting$2.60 per month
Directory Assistance/Operator Block$1.60 per month, $5.00 per order
Distinctive Ring/Multi-numberwith 1 additional number $2.60 per month
with 2 additional numbers $4.40 per month
Do Not Disturb*$2.40 per month
Extreme Call Forwarding$4.00 per month
Fax to Email10.00 per month
Home Intercom*$1.60 per month
Line Bridging*$48.00 new line/$12.00 existing line, $15.00 per month
Priority Ring$2.40 per month
Repeat Dial (*66)$2.00 per month, $.075 per use
$6.00 monthly cap
*66 Block$0.75 per month
*69/*66 Combo Block$1.25 per month
Select-Call Forward/Reject*$2.40 per month
Six-Way Call ConferencingConference in up to 5 other people
(6 people total)
Speed Calling 8*$2.20 per month
Speed Calling 30*$3.20 per month
Three-Way Calling$2.40 per month, $1.00 per use
$8.00 monthly cap
Three-Way Calling, with Call Transfer*$2.40 per month
Toll RestrictionSeveral options, $0.80, inter/intra combined $1.20
Variable Call Forwarding (*72)$2.40 per month
VoicemailOne box $4.80 per month
Multi Boxes $6.00 per month

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