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Residential Calling Features - Zone 2

Calling FeatureDescription
Account CodesUsed to track phone calls/charges for departments, business vs non-business, family members, etc. Calls will be broken out by code on your bill. We offer 2 built-in code “Profiles” (Profile 1 consists of 2-digit codes, 10 - 99; Profile 2, of 3-digit codes, 100 - 999) which are available at no charge. You must use the codes in order to use the enabled line to make your toll calls. Once the feature is set up you may create & assign as many 2- or 3-digit codes (depending on which Profile you select) as suits your needs—by project, department, person, etc.
Anonymous Call BlockReject calls from those who have enabled Caller ID block to prevent the display of their name and/or number on your ID display unit (you see “Private Caller”). Such callers are redirected to a message telling them you are not accepting ID-blocked calls and that they need to remove the block and call back if they wish to each you.
Caller-ID (Name & Number)Displays name and number of the caller (you need a Caller-ID display phone for this to work).
Caller-ID on Call WaitingWhen you have an incoming call while you’re on the phone, you will hear the usual Call Waiting tone and the Caller ID info of the second caller will display on your Caller ID display unit.
Caller ID Block, per CallBlock the transmission of your Caller ID (number/name) info. There is no setup fee, order fee, or monthly charge associated with this feature.
Caller ID Block, per LinePrevents transmission of Caller ID info for all calls made from the line - you must request this feature. Available at no charge to those who have a heightened security risk and to those with Unpublished Numbers. Blocking does not prevent transmission of your Caller ID info when calls are made to toll-free numbers (800, 877, 888, etc) or to 911 emergency numbers.
Call TraceTrace a call hang up. There is a per-use charge and a processing fee to prepare a report for authorities. If you wish to pursue action against callers you trace, we must receive the request from your law enforcement agency. We will remit the info to them on your behalf.
Call Return (*69)Automatically call the last person who called you. Available on a per-use basis with a monthly cap, or for a flat per-month fee.
Call WaitingReceive calls when you’re already on the phone, and toggle between the two.
Distinctive Ring/Multi-numberAdd 1 or 2 additional numbers to the primary number's line. This is often an excellent alternative to running additional lines. With distinctive ring patterns for each number, you can easily distinguish the type of call or for whom it is intended. If Call Waiting is enabled, each number has its own distinctive CW tone. Obviously, when one number is in use, the line is not available for use by the other numbers.
Fax to EmailDelivers faxes as an attachment to any email account . Store, manage and forward faxes like other electronic document in a reliable and secure way. Receive up to 100 pages per fax wherever you receive email.
Repeat Dial (*66)Repeatedly attempts to call a number (in-State only) for you—rings your phone when the line is clear.
Three-Way CallingAllows you to conference two people onto a call with you, using just one line.
Toll RestrictionThese blocks prevent the use of your phone for the specific types of calls indicated. Use of a PIN to override the restriction on a per-call basis is available when both in and inter state restrictions are ordered.
Variable Call Forwarding (*72)Forward your incoming calls to another number. Local Measured rates or toll rates will apply to forwarded calls depending on where they are pointed.
VoicemailAll VMX accounts are set up with a default password which must be changed to something private to you. If you lose or forget your password, we can reset it to the default so you can start over.

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