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Sovernet designs customized data and voice solutions for businesses and organizations like yours.

Left QuotationsSince 1997, Sovernet has helped the Vermont Land Trust connecto to members, partners and owners of conserved land. Sovernet's reliable fiber backbone and a hosted PBX, backed up by great customer service, are essential to our work.Right Quotations

Teija Huttunen-Green
Director of Operations & Technology
Vermont Land Trust

Sovernet delivers custom telecommunication solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. You'll work with a team of experienced Sovernet telecom professionals who will ensure that your solution is customized to fit your unique needs, not matter how small or large the challenge.

Sovernet Voted Rutland Region's Best Network Service Provider

Custom Services PRSovernet Communications has been voted Best Network Service Provider by the readers of the Rutland Business Journal as part of the magazine’s 2014 Best of the Best Business Readers' Choice Awards. READ MORE

Scalable Network Solutions with Zero Downtime

Sovernet understands that financial institutions need to be up-and-running 24x7 and to transact business as quickly as possible. We also know these firms often need to seamlessly capture end-customer information and use large amounts of bandwidth to run customer service and other vital applications.

Left QuotationsUsing Sovernet’s fiber network allows us to focus on zero downtime for our customers. This is critically important because we live by our slogan “Here When You Need Us!” To honor that commitment, 100% network up-time is absolutely required.Right Quotations

Shannon King
Technology Director & VP
Hickok & Boardman Insurance

Inter-connectivity between offices with data stored at multiple locations and in the Cloud can also be essential.

For all of these reasons and many more, financial services firms trust Sovernet to design, develop, and maintain their custom network and voice solutions.

Hickok & Boardman Insurance Upgrades to Sovernet Fiber

Financial Services PRHickok & Boardman Insurance, one of Vermont’s oldest insurance companies and a long-term Sovernet customer, has completed the upgrade of its communications network onto Sovernet’s 100-gigabit, state-of-the-art fiber network. READ MORE

Custom Network & Communications Solutions for Higher Education

Sovernet has experience designing, delivering, and maintaining network and voice solutions for colleges and universities, ranging from single location rural schools to multi-location inter-connected systems.

Left QuotationsHaving the Sovernet connection at CCV Winooski provides the security, diversity, and redundancy we need to protect vital data and ensure that we maintain Internet connectivity. Installation was seamless.Right Quotations

Tom Maguire
Director of Network Services
Vermont State Colleges

Our state-of-the art fiber network offers colleges and universities the robustness, reliability, and scalability necessary for meeting increased bandwidth driven by Wi-Fi devices, video streaming, and the shift of both learning platforms and administration tools into the Cloud.

Our hosted PBX voice solutions save money, eliminate costly one-time equipment investments, and allow for business continuity in the event of power loss or other disaster.

VT State Colleges Selects Sovernet to Strengthen Data Network

CCV PRSovernet Communications announced today that it has been awarded a contract by the Vermont State Colleges (VSC) to upgrade VSC’s redundant ISP connection, located at the Community College of Vermont (CCV) facility in Winooski. READ MORE

Protect Vital Constituent Services, While Improving Efficiencies

Although each municipal government and state and federal agency is unique, many face common issues in IT, networking, and communications. Technological improvements and evolving expectations from constituents on the availability of information, coupled with budget constraints, are shifting services online and increasing the number of Cloud based administrative applications. At the same time, budgets are being further tightened.

Left QuotationsWe especially benefit from super-fast Sovernet fiber at our police department, which is our Emergency Operations Center that coordinates and plans responses to all local emergencies.Right Quotations

John O’Keefe
Town Manager, Manchester VT

Sovernet has proven experience in developing, delivering and maintaining custom data, network, and voice solutions for governmental entities of all sizes.

Contact us to start working on a custom solution to help:

  • Increase emergency response times
  • Improve operational efficiency through Cloud Services
  • Implement back up and recovery strategies to protect mission critical data
  • Facilitate engagement with and improve services for constituents
  • Deliver faster, more reliable, and scalable broadband for a multitude of other purposes

Manchester VT Boosts Its Emergency Response with New Sovernet Connection

Government PRManchester just became an even safer community to live and work in, thanks to a boost to its emergency response systems from Sovernet’s fiber network. READ MORE

Data Delivering Education

K-12 Education is one of the primary areas in which Sovernet’s redundant, diversely routed broadband network is having a dramatic impact on the lives and livelihood of Vermonters.

Broadband-enabled technologies are redefining traditional notions of education and leading to the development of a new, learner-centric educational paradigm. Student testing is migrating online and educational tools are transitioning to the Cloud. At the same time, students, staff and visitors alike expect to be connected 24x7 over multiple devices.

Left QuotationsIn all respects the Sovernet network is outperforming all our expectations. Teachers no longer have to wait or have a backup plan if lessons didn’t download as expected.Right Quotations

Matt Martyn
Director of Technology & Professional Learning
Windham Central Supervisory Union

Sovernet supports educational goals in countless ways, including:
  • Improving the effectiveness of instruction through more engaging, interactive activities.
  • Encouraging innovation in how education is delivered.
  • Enabling a wider array of professional development opportunities for educators and learners.
  • Enhancing access to quality education via distance learning programs, online learning modules and other ways.

VT School Union Goes Gig-E

VT School Union Goes Gig-E

The geographically-dispersed K-12 school system in southeastern Vermont has upgraded its data network to one Gig of broadband over fiber.

Our custom-built solutions, dedicated team, and state-of-the-art network set us apart.

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