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National Roaming—All accounts having a dialup component include National Roaming. Any sub-accounts can also access the Roaming network using the main login username & password to connect (e.g. Email-Only accounts, Aadditional Logins).


USING WEBMAIL—You can access your email anytime/any place, as long as you can reach the web. Just point the browser to our “Home Portal” page, click on the Webmail login link, and enter the email username/password for the email account you wish to access. Our WebMail is an implementation of the "Open Source" SquirrelMail program. You can configure it to suit your preferences—it uses cookies to retain your settings.

With WebMail, you can read, compose, reply to, forward, and delete messages. You can save drafts of messages, and copies of sent mail, and you can set all incoming mail to forward elsewhere. Note that forwarding all incoming mail to another account causes the mail to be sent on before it can pass through our spam & virus filters—it never reaches your Inbox—so those functions will need to be enabled on the receiving account. Messages in your Inbox have been spam/virus checked and can be manually forwarded elsewhere. SquirrelMail includes an addressbook, and a “Vacation Response” message option. Attachments sent via SqirrelMail have an 8MB limit, so you may need to Zip or Stuff larger files, or send them via your normal email software program.

Mail will be kept in your Inbox until you download it to your desktop email client. If too much accumulates, and your 10MB limit is reached, new mail will be bounced back to the sender until you delete stored mail or add more storage space. Note that messages in your Drafts folder, Sent Mail folder, and Spam folder also take up storage space. Those folders should regularly be emptied (move any you wish to keep to the Inbox folder for downloading via your regular email software, or forward elsewhere). In terms of any important drafts, sent mail, or received mail that you store in WebMail folders, note that you are responsible for maintaining any backup copies you might need—we do not guarantee the availability of files for restoration from server backups.

The Spam folder is automatically emptied once a day, on a first-in/first-out basis; depending on when you check it, you may find it temporarily contains more mail than the level you set in the Spam Controls. Spam filtering is on by default, so you should check the Controls and the folder to be sure legitimate mail is not being deleted as spam. You can accept the default settings, or click the “Advanced” button and set to your preferences; there is also an “Accept/Reject” list option to which you may add addresses to always accept or reject. Filters typically require tweaking periodically in order to keep up with spammers’ efforts to by-pass them. Our server-level filters are periodically tweaked for this reason, and you’ll often note an increase in spam as the filters relearn the updated rules.

more info: the Spam FAQ §  |  Spam Controls Login §


The online Tools —There are 2 main sections to the Online Tools:

  • General Tools (“My Tools”) —used by all accounts to check space usage, download the Accelerator software, and access the Spam Controls. Logging in using a sub-account username/password (Email-Only, Dial-Only) will display only this section.
  • Account Management Tools (“My Account”)—Displayed only to the primary account-username, this section allows the account owner to view the account’s billing details, service configuration, invoicing and due date, and more. The owner can also access tools to change the Challenge Question, add or remove space on the different servers, add/remove the Accelerator service



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Use the central menu tree to the left to access a variety of other account information pages.

You’ll need Acrobat®Reader® to view the PDF documents under the Telephone Account Docs option and elsewhere, to download it click this link.



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