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Sovernet is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. Your right to privacy is important to us. We believe that the information you provide us about yourself should be used to help us provide you with better service. Information you give us will not be shared with, nor divulged to, any other party, unless required by court order or subpoenaed by a law enforcement agency.

We will use your credit card number only to process your payment and will not use it for marketing purposes.

We do not sell, lease or otherwise distribute customer names or usernames to third parties.

We don't make changes to accounts without authorization.


Sovernet's web site contains links to other sites. Please note that these Web sites' privacy policies may differ from ours. We are not responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by such sites.


Protecting your privacy and your information is a top priority. We have taken careful measures to secure your information and our physical premises. SoVerNet will take reasonable steps to protect the loss, misuse, or alteration of the personal information that you share with us.

This policy may occasionally be updated. Future revisions will be posted to this page. Please address comments or questions regarding SoVerNet's privacy practices to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


We use email links located throughout our site to allow you to contact us directly with any questions or comments you may have. We read every message sent in and try to reply promptly. This information is used to respond directly to your questions or comments. We may also file your comments to improve the site and program, or review and discard the information.


Sovernet has two (2) customer-wide email lists. One is the "SoVerAll" which is used to alert customers to our new products and services, and to important events relating to Sovernet which may affect their account or how the account is used. Since we feel it protects your interests as an informed consumer, we do not offer an opt-out option for this email-newsletter.

Our second email list is our company "Announcements" newsletter. This mailing generally consists of information related to outages and maintenance schedules that could affect your access. Customers may opt-out of this newsletter at will. To unsubscribe from the Announcements email list, please send your email request to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Our web site logs IP addresses and browser types for system administration purposes. We do not link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable. This means that a customer's session will be tracked, but the customer will remain anonymous.


We use cookies only in password protected areas (e.g.: for Web Email access) as an authentication tool to prevent access to account information by unauthorized persons. The cookies expire at the end of the session when the account holder logs out of the protected area, or quits the browser. The cookies do not track usage, and do not persist on the user's machine from one session to the next.

Customer Proprietary Network Information Policy

Federal law governs the use of Customer Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”). Sovernet uses CPNI in accordance with federal law and as stated in this policy.

Federal law defines CPNI as:[1]

Information that relates to the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, and amount of use of a telecommunications service subscribed to by a customer of a telecommunications carrier, and is made available to the carrier by the customer solely by virtue of the carrier-customer relationship; and

Information contained in the bills pertaining to a telephone exchange service or telephone toll service received by a customer of a carrier.[2]

For example, CPNI includes information such as the type of services that the customer subscribes to and the customer’s use of those services (e.g., call patterns, call volume, etc.). CPNI does not include information derived from non-telecommunications services offered to the customer. Under federal law, absent customer consent, Sovernet is permitted to use, disclose, or permit access to CPNI as follows:

(1) to protect our rights and property, our customers, and other carriers from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful use of, or subscription to, our services;
(2) to provide or market service offerings among the categories of service to which the customer already subscribes;
(3) for the provision of customer premises equipment;
(4) for billing and rendering services to the customer; and
(5) as required by law, such as in response to a validly issued subpoena.

Sovernet does not use CPNI to market services to customers that are outside of the category of service to which the customer does not already subscribe. Sovernet does not share CPNI with affiliates or third parties for marketing purposes. Sovernet may engage third parties to assist in billing and collections, administration, surveys, marketing, service delivery and customization, maintenance and operations, and fraud prevention. If Sovernet seeks to market services to customers outside of the category of services to which the customer subscribes, then Sovernet will notify customer at that time of their right to choose not to be a part of any such marketing campaign. All marketing campaigns must receive prior approval and must be conducted in accordance with this policy.

All employees will be trained as to when they are, and are not, authorized to use CPNI. Sovernet will take any necessary disciplinary action for violation of this policy.

Sovernet has a corporate officer who acts as agent for the company and signs a compliance certificate on an annual basis stating that the officer has personal knowledge that the company has established operating procedures that are adequate to ensure compliance with applicable CPNI rules. Sovernet provides a statement that accompanies this certificate explaining that its operating procedures are adequate to ensure compliance with CPNI regulations.


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