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UVM Affiliates’ Internet Access Program

We are pleased to provide UVM affiliates with several Internet access options.

SoVerNet’s UVM Dialup Discount Program provides up to 20% savings over the regular dialup fees, and applies to all basic Intermittent Dialup Accounts and Additional Services purchased for them.

Accounts may be paid for by check, credit card, money order, or electronic funds transfer from checking or savings. Discounts vary by account-type, so please read the descriptions carefully and give us a call if you have any questions—toll free, at (877) 877-2120.

Quick Overview of Accounts and Options...

Our Personal High-Speed Access Accounts are based on G.Lite/ADSL. They offer speeds up to 2000k downstream/256k upstream. Accounts include multiple email addresses, webspace, domain hosting and more. The PHSA-Plus includes local dialup access with 2 free hours per month of National Roaming. For your convenience, we have modems available for purchase that are compatible with our system. These accounts, being based on DSL, are sensitive to distance from the Verizon Central Office where our equipment is installed. They are not available everywhere. A call to our Sales folks can get you the most current info on availability in your area, and check your line to see that it can carry this service.

Basic Intermittent Dialup Accounts include multiple email addresses, web space, speeds to 56k analog/64k or 128k ISDN, web-based Email access, web-based Account Management Tools, 2 free hours per month of National Roaming, and more. Intermittent Dialups remain our most popular type of account—they are reliable, accessible throughout Vermont & most of the US via a local access number, and inexpensive.

We also offer a very inexpensive Dial-Only Account. This provides local dialup access, 2 free hours of National Roaming access per month, and one email address. No webspace, hosting or other features.

Full-Time Dialups serve a special niche, being neither broadband nor intermittent. They have speeds up to 128k ISDN, include multiple email addresses, webspace, domain hosting, virtual web addressing (i.e.:, mail mapping, and more. These accounts are great for webcam use, or in similar situations where the more robust broadband connection or 24/7 monitoring is not needed.

Business High-Speed Access Accounts are based on SDSL technology. We offer 6 different speed levels, a separate dialup account for remote access, webspace, multiple email addresses, virtual web address, and more. These circuits are monitored 24/7 and have pre-configured equipment available for rent or purchase. Being DSL-based, these accounts have distance limitations relative to the Verizon Central Office where our equipment is located. Our Sales Team can do a quick line check to see if your line qualifies.

To round out your account, or add additional functionality, we have numerous Additional Services which may be purchased separately for use with any of our accounts (limited options for Dial-Only). These may be purchased at the same discount level as your main account.


Referral Programs
Earn free access via our Referral Programs, with no limit on how much free time you can accrue, by referring your friends, family, acquaintances to us when you learn they are looking for an ISP. We will credit your account $40 (per dialup or residential telephone service referral) or $100 (per DSL or business telephone service referral) for each new customer who comes to us via your recommendation. High-Speed Access customers should note that, since your lines have qualified for PHSA or BHSA service, it's quite likely that your neighbors’ lines also will qualify. The Fine Print says that they must maintain a fully-paid account for at least 2 months for you to earn the credit, and only 1 credit per referral. The only thing you must do is to be sure they give us your SoVerNet username or SoVerNet phone number when signing up. This ensures that the proper account gets the credit.

SoVerNet Newsletters, System Maintenance, and Network Notices
We have two ways to let you know about events affecting our network and your access. With anticipated network maintenance and upgrades , we send email notification to your SoVerNet email address 48 hours in advance, whenever possible. These notices are also posted to the Notices section of our website, available by clicking the "SoVerNet Notices" button on each of these UVM Affiliates pages. The URL is

The network notices are an opt-out list. To remove yourself from this list, send a blank email to with Subject: unsubscribe.

Our normal maintenance schedule calls for work, when necessary, to be done Thursday mornings, between 6 and 7 AM. This does not happen every Thursday, hence the notifications. This time slot was selected as it is currently the time of lightest use on our network and causes, therefore, the least inconvenience.

Our periodic NewsLetters are emailed to all SoVerNet customers and are not “opt-outable.” We send them 3 or 4 times a year and use them to let you know of events, company news, services, and products that we feel are essential to enabling you to make informed choices about your service with us.


By default, your SoVerNet email will be forwarded to your Zoo email account. This will ensure that you receive notices of network events and news that might affect your SoVerNet account, and to keep your SoVerNet email box from reaching its quota (in which event, mail received for you at your SoVerNet account would bounce). If you wish to change or remove the forwarding, you may do so using the Account Tools, or let us know and we will do it for you.


You can signup for any account over the phone. We can test for DSL capability if desired, while you wait. (877) 877-2120








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